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Posted on Oct 28, 2013 in Legal Process, Podcast | 0 comments

006 – What to do when you are served

006 – What to do when you are served


A lawsuit is commenced with the filing and serving of a summons and complaint.  A summons and complaint are legal documents that state the cause of action and the relief that is being sought against you.  Keep this in mind about the complaint: this is everything that the opposing party wants and totally under the umbrella of their view of the case and not considering your interests of view of the case.  When you are served with legal papers that means you have been sued and most often the goal of a civil lawsuit is to seek money damages.  So what should you do when you are served with papers?

We discuss these tips:

  1. Save everything;
  2. Keep your mouth shut;
  3. Take notes;
  4. Take action.

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