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Posted on Jan 31, 2014 in Tax | 6 comments

5 Reason to E-file your Tax Return

5 Reason to E-file your Tax Return

The IRS released a list of the five reasons you should consider e-filing your 2013 tax return.  Here are the tips:

1. Accurate and complete.  The software walks you through the steps of preparing the return and handles all of the math work for you so you know you will complete all of your return and that the math will be correct.

2. Safe and secure.  IRS e-file meets uses the best encryption technology and has safely and securely processed more than 1.2 billion e-filed individual tax returns.

3. Faster refunds.  E-filing usually delivers your refund faster since the software detects and helps you correct most mistakes, the IRS has an easier time processing these returns and sending out the refunds.  Not to mention all of the time you save by avoiding the post office and mailing the return and save the money you would spend for certified mail (the preferred way of communicating with the IRS).

4. Payment options.  If you are going to owe taxes you have multiple options for how you pay your taxes.  If you file your return early, you can set up payments so that you pay your tax in payments (as long as it is full paid by April 15th).  You can also choose the payment method.

5. E-file’s easy.  You may qualify to use the IRS “freefile” software where you can e-file your return for free.  There are other tax assistance programs that you may qualify for a free e-filing as well.  And of course, the commercial tax preparation software makes e-filing your return easy.

What about old, past due returns?

If you have not filed an old return, then you will not be able to e-file at this time.  You must file a paper copy of your return.  Rather than mailing this return to the IRS, you should hand deliver it to your local IRS office and ask for a receipt for accepting the return.  Processing returns can take up to or longer than eight weeks.  By getting those filing receipts you will have proof of filing you can show to a revenue officer in the event you must begin negotiating with the IRS before the returns are processed and available to all IRS personnel.



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