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Posted on Apr 5, 2010 in Installment Agreement | 2 comments

Can You Add More Years to an Installment Agreement?

One of the ways you can resolve your IRS tax liability is through an installment agreement (monthly payment plan).  When you set up your installment agreement, the IRS requires that you include all of the tax years that you owe for in the installment agreement.  So, for example, if you owe taxes, penalties and interest for 2005, 2006 and 2007, you must include all three years in the installment agreement.  You could not set up an agreement for just 2006.

So, what happens if you have set up an installment agreement and you find yourself owing more tax this year than you can afford to pay back.  Well, the simple answer is that you will be re-negotiating your installment agreement.  If you file your taxes with a balance due and you are unable to pay that in full, you have defaulted on your installment agreement and if you take no action, the IRS could begin active collection activity against you.  “Active collection” is best known as wage or bank levies/garnishments or seizure of assets.

When you’re in this situation, you should immediately call the IRS and let them know you owe for the current year and you need to include that on your tax return.  You should have a copy of the tax return you filed handy so you can fax it to the IRS if necessary.  Depending on the total amount you owe and how long ago you negotiated your payment plan, you may have to go through the whole process of sending in a financial statement and negotiating with the IRS for your payment plan, or, they may simply add that additional tax to your plan and let things carry on as usual.  In my experience, however; the IRS always makes you present new financial information in the hopes that things have changed and they will be able to require a higher monthly payment in your installment agreement.


The amount that I calculated on my 2014 return was deemed incorrect by the IRS, although I dont agree with their final determination; I will need to make arrangements to add that amount to my existing installment agreement.


I have an existing IRS installment account and I need to add my 2014 tax due to that installment account as I am not able to pay the amount due.