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Protect Your Family

We all know that lawyers are expensive.  In an independent study 93% of respondents believed that lawyers cost too much and 9 out of 10 said that if a lawyer’s cost was more reasonable then they would seek legal advise.

Most legal issues could be solved before they happen.  If you could just pick up the phone and call your lawyer to get an answer to your question you wouldn’t have to guess and could make better decisions.  What if you would like the lawyer to review the new contract you were considering or the lease for your home?  What if you needed to call your lawyer in the middle of the night because you have been in a wreck and need some advice?  How much do you think that would cost you every month to have a lawyer on call like that?  I’m a lawyer, and I know I would charge a lot if I offered that service?  What if I told you that service is available for less than $1 per day?

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