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Posted on Nov 5, 2009 in Wage Garnishments and Levies | 0 comments

Levied without Notice – Say What?!?

I met with a prospective client recently who was having their paycheck garnished by the IRS and didn’t know that it was coming.  He was mad to say the least.  Upon questioning him a little more, I found out that he had several years of unfiled income tax returns and had moved several times in the past three years.

The IRS is not required to track you down – though they probably could.  The law just requires them to give you notice at your last known address and since he had moved several times since he filed his last tax return, the IRS obviously did not have his current address.  If you have moved and haven’t updated your address recently you can send in the IRS Change of Address Form to make sure you receive notices from the IRS in the future.

Now, just because the IRS has started with a wage levy doesn’t mean that we have reached the end of the road.  There are ways to get the wage levy reduced or stopped all-together.  That’s for another post.