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6 Minute Legal Podcast

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Welcome to 6 Minute Legal!

Dads, how many times have you wondered what to do if you were involved in a car accident? Or, what if your neighbor’s tree fell into your yard and caused damage? What would you do? Maybe you have had a desire to start a business, but you have gotten stuck trying to find out the answer to your questions about whether you should form an LLC or an S-Corp?

These questions cause a huge barrier to prevent you from taking action and making progress in your life and business. But what can you do? A lot of these questions seem huge! But, many have very simple answers and getting the answer to a question like this frees you up to reach your goals. I hope to answer your everyday legal questions with this podcast…in six minutes.

A new episode will be published each week on a variety of legal topics ranging from family and divorce law to landlord/tenant issues to property law and we will even keep up with the legal topics of current events so you will have a better understanding of those items. Also, many of the episodes will be joined with a 6 Minute Legal Brief…a resource you can use to go deeper and learn more about a specific topic that we discuss.

This show is nothing without you, so please be sure to interact with us on each episode post and if you have a legal question you would like answered, please head over to Connect with Us and e-mail your question.