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Posted on Dec 31, 2013 in Working with a Lawyer | 1 comment

How Would You Practice Law Differently?

How Would You Practice Law Differently?

We all have some experience with the legal system and with how legal services are delivered.  It may be very intimate, but your may also only be through television and movies.

Traditionally, law offices are fancy buildings with ornate furniture, large conference tables, and much pomp.

Legal services are expensive, and somewhat difficult to quantify.  You may receive copies of letters, memoranda of legal research done for your case, or even a nice binder containing all of your corporate formation documents.  But, it still isn’t like buying a toy that you can hold in your hand.

Typically, it requires you to take off of work, make an appointment, and meet in person with a lawyer.

The legal services landscape is changing.  With the advent of online form websites like LegalZoom, people are taking their legal needs into their own hands.  But let’s face it, for some issues, an online service is simply not enough.

But, the demand for some legal services shouldn’t be an excuse for lawyers to sit back and change nothing about how their offer their services to their prospective clients.

What would you like your lawyer to do differently?  How would you prefer to “consume” legal services?


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