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One of the down sides to a blog is that all of the posts are organized by date. That means, the most recent post is on top and the oldest post is further back in the archives. There’s also no rhyme or reason many times as to why posts appear in the order they appear in, so I have set up a resource page for some of the popular reasons for visiting 6 Minute This way you can have one place to go to to find a lot of the top articles about your desired subject.

6 Minute Legal Briefs – [Coming Soon]

Separation and Divorce for Dads – [Coming Soon]

Child Custody and Visitation for Dads – [Coming Soon]

Child Support issues for Dads – [Coming Soon]

Tenant’s Rights – [Coming Soon]

Estate Planning and Probate Administration – [Coming Soon]

Auto Accidents and Personal Injury – [Coming Soon]

Insurance Issues – [Coming Soon]

The IRS Offer in Compromise Program

IRS Installment Agreement

IRS Wage Garnishment/Wage Levy

The IRS Hardship Status: Currently Not Collectible