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Posted on Jan 3, 2014 in Tax Problem Toolkit | 1 comment

TPT001 – Introduction to the Tax Problem Toolkit Podcast

TPT001 – Introduction to the Tax Problem Toolkit Podcast


Welcome to Episode 1 of the Tax Problem Toolkit podcast.  I wanted to take this few minutes to share with you a little of my vision for this podcast and what you can expect over the coming weeks.

Right now my plan is for this to be a weekly podcast about tax problems, specifically with the IRS, and a place to provide you encouragement, information, and tips on how to resolve those tax problems and resume your regular life.

I have represented hundreds of clients with tax problems and I understand that the IRS can be frustrating, confusing, and down right scary.  Most of that comes from the complexity of the tax law and most Americans simply not understanding their obligations and rights.

This podcast can’t provide specific legal advice for individual situations, but it will give general guidance for people wishing to resolve their problems with the IRS on their own.  We’ll discuss topics like unfiled returns, tax liens, wage garnishments, collections, and settlement topics such as installment agreements, offers in compromise and the IRS hardship status.

I appreciate you listening and encourage you to stop back in for the upcoming episodes of Tax Problem Toolkit.  The next episode will drop next Thursday morning and I discuss the IRS hardship status commonly known as currently not collectible.

This podcast can’t happen without you and your questions.  I understand tax problems are pretty private affairs and you don’t necessarily want to share your information with just anyone, even a lawyer, but if you would like some information about resolving tax problems, please send those to me via e-mail at Connect (at) or visit


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