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Posted on Oct 3, 2013 in Estate Planning & Probate Administration | 0 comments

What if I Want to Change a Part of My Current Will

What if I Want to Change a Part of My Current Will

Some people like to get their wills out of the safe every now and then and go through them to make sure they are current and still what the testator wants to do with his/her belongings at the time of his/her death.

Many people think it is valid for them to just “strike through” the name of the person receiving the gift – or the bequest altogether – and write in a new name for the gift.  Since that “writing” does not meet the formalities required for executing a last will and testament, the hand-written portion will not be a valid will.  It can also cause more problems as it may be enough of an effort to void a specific gift and may even be drastic enough to void the will in its entirety.

If you or a loved one desire to make a change to your will, please go back to the lawyer who drafted the will and ask them to make the change either by preparing a completely new will or by preparing a codicil to your will.  Or, if you used a form from LegalZoom or some other form provider, go back, make the desired changes, re-print the will and re-execute it with the same formalities as you did initially.  Then, you want to destroy your old will so there is no confusion about which one you want to use when you pass away.